This course is designed for experts from any field of occult practice who wish to deliver training in an online context. It is built upon sound principals of pedagogy and educational technology.

'Magical Tutor' is an interactive, group course. It consists of 5 weekly units (35 hours in total) covering:

  • Access & Setting - In Unit 1 we’ll familiarize ourselves with the Moodle virtual learning environment by doing a series of ice-breakers that use various tools within Moodle. We’ll consider how to ensure that learners can use the system effectively while at the same time encouraging active participation and developing a friendly online community.
  • Online Socialization - Unit 2 is based on the concept of learning being a social process, and looks at how a tutor can encourage interaction in a learner-centred online environment. We’ll also think about learner types and how to cater for these.
  • Information Exchange - Online learning environments allow a multitude of ways to present multimedia content. In this unit, we’ll cover some principles of multimedia learning, and experiment with a range of tools and online resources.
  • Knowledge Construction - In Unit 4 we’ll consider how the interactions we encouraged in the socialization stage can be developed to facilitate deep learning through social constructivism. We’ll also start our group projects, which will be used for assessment.
  • Reflection & Development - Finally, we’ll look at how to bring a course to an end. We’ll consider assessment in the online context, and think about how to ensure that our learners leave our courses with the confidence to continue their learning autonomously.